Building Web Applications with Webpack2

Posted by: admin on May 14, 2017

On June 25, 2017, I took the Webpack2 workshop at HackerYou, instructed by Drew Minnis. I had already taken one workshop at HackerYou so my expectations were high. It was great to see that those expectations were met.

I got to become familiar with yet another one of HackerYou’s incredible instructors, and add knowledge of a new skillset to my already expanding list.

The workshop was held in a spacious classroom in HakerYou’s second building. Drew delivered a great workshop, thoroughly explaining the topic, answering any questioned we had on Webpack, and making sure everyone was following along.

Just as with Harris, Drew took the time to sit with me after class to work on some of the differences I was encountering with Webpack2 due to me using a PC rather than a Mac. With many of the developers I encounter at workshops and courses using Mac over PC, it’s very reassuring to know that I can count on the instructional staff at HakerYou to make sure every attendee is able to achieve the same results, regardless of the choice in computer.

Webpack2 is extensive, and even though the subject could get overwhelming and daunting at times, Drew always made sure we understood the reasoning behind what we were doing to help ensure better skill retention.


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