Photographer’s Website


Current Website:

Project Phase: Planning


Client's current portfolio website was reviewed to understand how the user updates it's content, and where the standard was being set for displaying their work.

Current Page Layouts


Suggested Concept:

Project Phase: Drafting


A series of creative options were put forward to the client in order to establish a creative direction. Four different alternatives were submitted for the home page, and single concepts for the remaining pages so that the client could get a good visual scope of how the other pages would display and function.

Build With Revisions

Selected Creative:

Project Phase: Production


The client was happy with the suggested creative direction and expressed that they wished to move forward with it.. However, they requested to have far less text on the home page and to incorporate the colour purple more throughout the site.

The revisions to the concept were made and production of the website began. Due to its versatility and stability, I chose to build the website using a Wordpress back-end. It allowed me to create a very simple user interface for the client that I could manage permissions on to streamline and optimize their experience.

A testing URL was created for the client to review the website and it's functionality, as well as to familiarize themselves with how the customized content management system worked.

Revised Page Layouts


Revision Focus:

Project Phase: Production


After using the test version of their website for some time, and conferring with some other users, the client has expressed the need for some changes.

The changes are mostly focused around the addition of some new features.

Revisions to be made:
- Add an "Albums" or collections section to allow Photographer to group various photoshoots under single heading, while still keeping the photos from each shoot separated.
- Make enlargened photo when thumbnail is clicked larger(fill majority of the screen).
- Add functionality to allow clients to submit an order from their album

Sections to be Revised