Website Restyle

Discovery - Where We Are

Current Design:

Project Phase: Planning


In order to best understand the needs of the client, their current website needs to be reviewed and analyzed for it's current features, benefits, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Current Website Layout

Discovery - The Competition

Competitor Layout:

Project Phase: Planning


To further analyze weaknesses, and to optimize the gains from a redesign, additional research was required.

Research into the client's competition was required in order to understand how others in the same industry were representing themselves, what they were doing right, as well their weaknesses.

The Competition's Websites

The Proposal

Suggested Creative:

Project Phase: Drafting


After reviewing the client's current website, as well as those of the competition, a new website layout was drafted utilizing the client's current assets, brand colours, and logo.

Suggested Page Layouts

Change of Scope

Cancelled Creative:

Project Phase: Review


Met with the client in person to review their current website, it's strength, capabilities and weaknesses, as well as those of their competitors.

Early in the meeting it was mutually determined that the client's best option was to redo the website to incorporate new features, and to utilize entirely new visual and written content.

The restyling of the current website was cancelled in favour of moving in this new direction.

In light of this change in the scope of the project, a new website layout is being favoured over what has already been proposed.

Cancelled Layouts