Website Rebuild

The New Concept

Suggested Creative:

Project Phase: Drafting


A New layout was drafted, and a revised proposal was sent to the client.

The new layout had to meet the follow criteria:
- Incorporates social media links and/or feeds
- Responsive layout that is mobile friendly
- Allows for dynamic content
- Utilizes the latest in web development technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JS)

Page Layouts

Website Production

Selected Creative:

Project Phase: Production


Client has opted to change focus to developing a mobile application for their business first. The website project has been placed on hold until further notice.

To ensure that the client has a website completed and ready for launch, I have continued forward with production.

The website was built upon a customized Wordpress back-end, utilizing Custom post-types and Custom fields to allow for easy editing and updating. All of the technical requirements of the website were met, and some additional features to enhance user-experience.

Upon completing, a test URL was submitted to the client for them to review the new layout and its functionality.

Page Layouts