The Time Goes

A summary of the of projects I take on and their obstacles, from inception to completion.

Recent Projects:

Photographer’s Website

Client has requested that I build them a new website to replace the one they are currently using through a portfolio service.

The website needs to quick and easy to update, responsive, have a client login section, be image-focused, and must be rendered in a softer, more feminine colour palette.

Project Status: Completed

Brand Creation

Creating Brand for a freelance photographer's business.

Photographer wants to use Purple, Black, and White as their primary brand colours.

Designs for website, business card, postcard, and brochure are required.

Project Status: Completed

Identity Change

Rebranding of client's company into a new name to fit broadened demographic.

Colour palette to be adjusted to ensure branding fits new target demographic.

Old Logo, outside of word-mark is to be retained.

Update business card design, create newspaper ad-banner, and design Open House Event postcard.

Project Status: Completed


Review company branding and re-image it to be more visually oriented towards therapy.

Change colour palettes, design new logo, create business card design.

Project Status: Completed