Learning @ HackerYou

Posted by: admin on July 29, 2017

An entire year has now passed since I took my first course at HackerYou. Since then I have finished three of their part-time programs (Javascript, Fullstack, and WordPress), as well as three of their one to two day workshops (Creating Cross-Platform Applications with Electron, Building Web applications with Webpack2, and Building REST APIs with Node.Js).

Through the experience I have gotten to experience their high-quality part-time programs, become familiar with their very friendly and professional instructors, and make use of their excellent learning facilities.

Their courses and workshops have always been informative and engaging. The decision to make an investment in the courses and workshops they offer is always an easy one. Every time I invest in something HackerYou has to offer, I know I’m going to learn something new, and enjoy the entire process while I learn.

It was a co-worker and HackerYou mentor that first directed me towards HackerYou. Out of all of the other learning alternatives that I could have chosen from, I can say with confidence that HackerYou was the best choice.

I currently have my eye on another one or two courses, and I’m always on the look out for more HackerYou workshops.

If there were any additional part-time courses I wish HackerYou could offer in the future that they don’t already, they would be PHP, Webpack2, Node.JS, and Eelctron.

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