Building Rest APIs with Node.JS

Posted by: admin on July 14, 2017

On July 15, 2017 I attended my third HackerYou hosted workshop. The workshop was about creating your own REST APIs using Node.Js. I was already somewhat familiar with the material after taking HackerYou’s Fullstack Web development course. It had been almost a year since I had finished the Fullstack development course, and I felt that a course to brush-up on and extend that knowledge would be very beneficial.

The workshop was lead by Simon Bloom and Ryan Christiani. Both of the instructors created a very warm, inviting, and enjoyable learning atmosphere. both were very eager to answer any questions the class might have and to help anyone in need as we worked through the various exercises.

The workshop followed a very clear and logical flow to help us understand the process of creating and using REST APIs. We started off with a few javascript exercises to familiarize ourselves with the types of function that would prove very useful in building API applications, and to help us understand how to pass information from one javascript module to another to help use follow the MVC development framework.

The class ran the length of two 8 hours days, but the time flew by very quickly.

After taking a third enjoyable workshop at HackerYou, I’m going to be sure to keep an eye open for any future workshops they host that catch my interest. Knowing that it will be another enjoyable and worthwhile endeavor, I know that I won’t hesitate to make the investment.


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