Learning WordPress @ HackerYou

Posted by: admin on July 14, 2017

In Spring 2017, I started the WordPress course offered by HackerYou. Having taken the Javascript course at HackerYou that was instructed by Wes Bos, I knew I was in for another great learning experience.

Wes’ teaching style always makes the material he is teaching both informative and enjoyable. The energy he brings into the classroom before the class even starts to the minute he steps out the door. The passion he has for the subject, and the way he presents the material and has everyone follow along step-by-step.

Going into the course I already had some experience creating custom WordPress themes. I went into the course expecting to expand my knowledge and learn a few new things. Wes accomplished all of those goals and more. I can honestly say, that after taking HackerYou’s WordPress course, it has completely changed how I both approach and create WordPress sites.

Wes’ courses always inspire me to reach beyond the expectation of each the class projects. Finding a unique project idea no one else is doing, or just adding more features in than was ever asked or required of me.

The class had the same great atmosphere that I have come to expect from HackerYou, and it’s an investment that has already more than paid itself off.

If you really want to feel like you know how to use WordPress, take this course!


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